Colleen Displaced

one ordinary woman -vs- Multiple Sclerosis


I have been writing short articles for quite a few years now (not all are related to MS) and have had some of those articles published online as well as in print.  If you read only one, I'd suggest 'Average is Awful ..." as it isn't as long as the others (other sites demanded longer articles).

Seeing as I've dipped a tentative toe into the blogosphere with the very blog you're reading now, I think I'd be mad not to flaunt my one talent here as well (it's hard to get published so I can at least publish myself!!)

Now all I have to do is figure out how to add the links to my articles ... if you see links below here somewhere you'll know I've had success with that and the articles will be available via the links ... if not, yep I'm blonde and still trying to work it out!  

Oh!  I have written under various names, none of them being ColleenDisplaced!  However, the linked articles below were written as either thebarefootpa or Colleen Daniels - and they are all me!

A sample of my articles:

 My HSCT Journey

No-one's going to tell you how to get rich quick

On being a disabled jobseeker

Average is awful - and why you're not average