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HSCT - bye bye Multiple Sclerosis - continued!

Hello colleendisplaced!

Hello dear blog!

Hello dear internet, dear, most patient internet friends!

I know.

It’s incredible isn’t it?

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Diet confession

Yep, it's that awful four letter word. Diet.

Something I thought I'd never, ever, have to do again. And I won't carry on about the whole st…

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Multiple Sclerosis - wallowing ... and lists

Hey there!

I'm back! 

Firstly, the story of our time in Russia, undergoing HSCT, is still not quite ready for publication but it will be …

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HSCT - before

Hi all,

Over the past few months I've been recording myself walking, so that I had a record for myself and could compare any changes after …

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Brave as ...

Hi there, continuing on with the video idea and with low energy just lately I leapt into recording a video early yesterday morning, before e…

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Video post

Hi all, now as you have probably figured out by now, I am not in any way an expert with video.  But I think most of my posts will soon be in…

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Tysabri - a repeated post with update

I am reposting the piece below because I have added an update to it, I think it's important for us all to take control of our own health -…

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Russia here we come!

This is a really short post!  I can barely believe it, there was a cancellation for July next year!  And so I said yes.  Not straight away. …

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The biggest update EVER

Ahem.  Hello again.  You won't believe what I've done.  I've been busy.  Travelling around, organising a humungous first-ever family holiday…

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A day in the life ...

I probably won't finish writing this today.  But here I go.  Actually, right now as I tippy-tap away here I'm not looking forward to today. …

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