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A day in the life ...

I probably won't finish writing this today.  But here I go.  Actually, right now as I tippy-tap away here I'm not looking forward to today.  This morning I have a mammogram, just a 2 yearly check that us girls have to have - I kept getting reminders in the mail til I gave in! ... and just to make it a truly fun filled day, I have my Tysabri infusion tonight.  Meh.

Now that's a long way from my younger years, those days of parties and friends and holidays.  Those days when your diary was actually full of fun things that you looked forward to.   Nowadays the diary is jampacked with medical appointments. And an occasional trip away, in the car, to stay with your sister-in-law.  Don't get me wrong, I love all of my sister-in-laws, all of my family in fact. But nowadays it's quite a to-do.  All the packing, getting ready, bit of a nightmare really.  I do love my sis-in laws though, always good to catch up.  That's if I don't fall over while I'm visiting of course.  Or do any other dumb thing that only us MSers seem to have mastered.  Sigh.


Well I was right, and I apologise.  Not only did I not finish the post I started here, it's been that long since I started that I have now received the results of my mammogram.  Happy to report that I'm clear of breast cancer.  Good thing that is too.  Not sure what I'd think about that, if the results were bad news.  I won't think about it, heaven knows I don't need any more health issues.  MS is quite enough for one lifetime thank you very much.  And yes I do know that some haven't been so lucky, there is just no understanding of how that can be, how one person can have the awfulness of MS and then develop cancer as well.  There's something very wrong with that.  I won't waffle on about all that stuff though, I know it'd get out of hand so consider yourself rescued.


And now yet another few days have gone by, oopsy.  It's been more than 4 weeks since I started this little post.  And I know that, because I had another Tysabri infusion tonight.  4 weeks, that wasn't the plan!  But why did I disappear?  Quite honestly because I haven't been so great.  My walking has deteriorated, I can still manage getting round the house but even so it's just not easy any more, it never was but there's been a subtle shift to 'worse'.  The housework is getting really hard to do, I find that I can't vacuum more than one room, well, I do push myself to a second room but it's an awful struggle and I have to put my feet up for quite a while before I'm feeling even close to recovered.  But some days are a bit better, and some are a lot better.  So maybe nothings changed much? 

I will leave this little non-post here, because it's almost 1.00am and I am heading off with hubby to visit his daughter for her birthday in the morning, a 4 hour drive away, but it will be nice to at least get away - I just wish I could walk better and enjoy it!  (Sorry to be depressing!)  I do plan on getting back to being more 'myself' soon - so here's a little cartoon to cheer things up til next time :)

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