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Brave as ...

Hi there, continuing on with the video idea and with low energy just lately I leapt into recording a video early yesterday morning, before even finishing my coffee.  

I said to my husband recently that "there comes a time when it just doesn't matter what you look like, and I'm pretty sure I've reached that stage!"

You know what I mean?  I used to be mortified if a photo wasn't taken from my 'good' side, if my expression wasn't quite right, if it showed my podgy belly shape, or basically any imperfection - and I guess was like most females these days with their 'selfies' that everyone knows took 100s of shots before it was decided as 'just right' - the female gender really is silly!

But approaching 60 I truly have moved on (and realise how insane it is that it took all those years to finally accept that it just doesn't matter) ... I am what I am - and if my appearance displeases anyone, well that's life!  Having said that, my latest video is below - have a great day in your world !

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