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HSCT - before

Hi all,

Over the past few months I've been recording myself walking, so that I had a record for myself and could compare any changes after I have my HSCT in Moscow.  But the main reason I started doing that was so that others could have some genuine idea of what might happen if they underwent HSCT too.  Because it took me over a year of research, trying to find genuine and verifiable records of those who'd had the treatment, I know there is definitely a need for those of us who do have the treatment to record ourselves - before and after.

Of course this will take some time, but eventually I will create just the one video showing my entire journey.  

I have no idea if HSCT will work for me, but as you probably know, one common result is that the progression of MS will be stopped.  To finally be able to stop worrying about tomorrow would be huge, and so I humbly pray at least for that - any other improvement will be a huge win.

Until I am able to add more - for now, if you are interested, I have prepared the video below (and as you'll see, I really am not clever with home videos!) - anyway this is where I'm at pre-HSCT ... if you think it is useful please let me know, thank you!

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