Colleen Displaced

one ordinary woman -vs- Multiple Sclerosis

HSCT - bye bye Multiple Sclerosis - continued!

Hello colleendisplaced!

Hello dear blog!

Hello dear internet, dear, most patient internet friends!

I know.

It’s incredible isn’t it?


But truly, I am back ... and alive, and well ...


Now, of course there is a story -

I mean, really, if anything was going to happen to anyone, it could almost have been guaranteed that it would’ve been happening to Me. 

Innocent, easygoing, ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’, Me.

And my poor long-suffering husband. Innocent too.

But hooked up to me, oh what that man has had to endure.

Aah, all will be revealed as my HSCT (Haematopeoetic Stem Cell Transplant) tale unfolds, and that story begins right here, with the video that follows ... with my walker visible on the far left, an awful video to look back on, a video that reminds me of how hopeless I felt and how awful the future looked because of my MS. The beginning of my HSCT journey ...





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