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Russia here we come!

This is a really short post!  I can barely believe it, there was a cancellation for July next year!  And so I said yes.  Not straight away.  Hubby wasn't home.  So I waited, very patiently.  Of course he said 'go for it, I'll do whatever you need me to'.  And so, I replied, yes book me in.  So now there is a lot of planning to do.  And crowdfunding.   Any donations will be gratefully received.  It's the most weird thing, I'm excited and a bit scared all at the same time.  And concerned for my hubby, I mean, Russia!  We don't speak the language (they speak English in the hospital though, whew) and they eat different things to us, like ox tongue and stuff.  Could be interesting I suppose.  Anyway I'll leave you for now and be back with an update of our progress toward this 'incredible journey' - oh, and if you can, please donate to my crowdfunding campaign, all donations, big or small appreciated - there's a link on the home page.  Thank you!


p.s:  I was accepted for Singapore next year as well, but their chemotherapy is a different regimen, so, it's a very individual decision, and complicated but thus the decision to proceed with Russia!

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